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How to Choose the Paint Colors for your Next Project

Painting a room may seem like a simple task. But the truth is, there’s more that goes into it than taking a paint, mixing it and applying it to the walls of a room.

Before that, it is important to plan the details that will help you achieve the look you’re going for! This includes getting quality tools for the job (especially choosing a high quality paint), products to protect the furniture and of course, deciding the perfect color of the paint to use!

The tones of the paint in a room can influence your sensations and feelings. So, it’s important that the color meets the type of environment and change you want for the room.

To make the process as easy as possible, our friends with Crystal Decor Painting are offering their tips for how to choose the right colors for your project! So, be sure to read this article before buying your paint cans!

Why is the color of a room important?

We know that colors have the power to awaken sensations and this happens due to the electromagnetic waves in our brain. For example, warm colors like yellow, orange and red cause more stimulation and circulation. Cool colors such as blue, green and violet tend to create feelings of calm.

In general, warm colors are best suited for meeting places with friends, meals, etc. Cool colors, as they awaken a certain calm, are more suitable for the bedroom and bathroom.

Some rooms can also have a mix of colors. For example, color mixing can be great in an in-home office environment. Some people work in the bedroom, so the wall you are facing when working can be painted a warmer color to bring greater stimulation and the rest of the bedroom walls can be painted in cool colors.

Tips for choosing the right colors for your environment

But, how do you go about choosing the right colors for your space?

1. Observe the space

The colors of furniture and other decorative objects in the room can help steer you in the direction of the best color for the space.

2. Prioritize the colors you like

Consider the colors you like and how they can be adapted to the environment to fit the look you’re going for. For example, instead of putting warm colors in the bedroom, try using them in the living room!

3. Simulate painting

Currently, there are several online painting simulators to show you what the room will look like after it’s painted! Try one so you have a good idea.

4. Look for inspiration

Search the internet for environments with the colors you want to use, to get a better idea of ​​the result.

5. Get samples 

Ask your paint company to provide you with samples for different colors and sheens. When it comes to sheens, at Crystal Decor Painting, we usually do matte for walls, semi gloss for trim, flat for ceiling and satin for kitchen cabinets.

Contact Crystal Decor Painting for your next project by calling, (914) 255-6042 or emailing, [email protected]!

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